I’ve wanted to start up a little blog for awhile now. Why? Well, I think that I have something interesting to say –  a unique perspective on the world. Only time will tell if this is true or not, but in the meantime, I’m gonna give it a go. Hope you enjoy it! (And if you hate it, that’s ok too.)

Hooray for spOakland!

The plan is to offer a commentary on life in the Bay Area through the lens of  myself, Dominic, a self-identified cyclist, nerd, community activist/organizer, hip hop-head, working class, 20-something male of mixed racial descent.  I live in Oakland, California and spend many of my waking hours traversing the greater Bay Area via bicycle and public transit.  (Probably more hours than I should.)  I derive great pleasure and satisfaction from living as car-free as possible – which is often challenging given my current employment as a bike messenger/mechanic/do-it-all for City CarShare.

On my initial foray into the blogosphere, expect spOaktown to offer an ongoing exploration of Bay Are “bike culture,” local  politics and the occasional, unrelated rant.


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