A Community Bike Ride Through North Oakland.

Tues. March 1, 2011

Stop the Injunctions spoke card.

I first heard the term “Gang Injunction” about a year ago.  The definition varies depending on who you ask, but my interpretation goes something like this:

The injunction would make it illegal for certain “gang members” to be together in public or take part in a range of activities that are already illegal. Gang injunctions are civil orders that are punishable by fines of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail.  Supporters of such measures say they make neighborhoods safer by cracking down on gangs and crimes.  Opponents say injunctions criminalize daily activities, lead to racial profiling and give police too much power.

What I see here is yet another misguided attempt to make our communities safer by pumping increasingly scarce public funds into law enforcement.  In so doing, we perpetuate oppressive systems that rob the most vulnerable in our communities – poor/working class, people of color, youth – of their civil rights without making anyone any safer in the process.  What’s more, these injunctions fail to address the root causes of violence in our communities: high unemployment, rapidly deteriorating public services and an overall lack of opportunity for any kind of upward mobility.

Regrettably, I have not been very involved in the anti-gang injunction efforts that have been taking place around the Fruitvale and North Oakland neighborhoods for over a year.  So, I was stoked to hear about the community bike rides being organized around the affected areas to help spread the word…

At dusk, we met at the Bushrod Community Center.


We rolled down Alcatraz...

...stopping at Actual Cafe on San Pablo.


"Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Gang Injunctions got to go!"

A ride organizer gets interviewed by Channel 2 News @ 55th/Market.

Fixie kids from the Bikery Crew.

Final stop at It's All Good Bakery @ 55th/MLK.

The spirit of the Black Panthers is still strong in North Oakland.


2 thoughts on “A Community Bike Ride Through North Oakland.

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  2. yes! super glad to see more being written about the injunctions, and always love more promotion of how bikes and organizing fit together… was great to see you at the ride! love to photo of the fixie crew, they were really jazzed on the ride, and have been doing a real good job organizing. yeah bike activists!

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